Nonprofit, The Black Burdell, Inc., Awards its Inaugural “Cultivating Entrepreneurs Scholarship”

ATLANTA, GA – Supporting current and aspiring African American entrepreneurs for the past year, The Black Burdell, Inc. announces its winner for the 2016 inaugural “Cultivating Entrepreneurs Scholarship.” The recipient of this scholarship has won a $1,000 scholarship. This novel scholarship was designed specifically to help young entrepreneurs afford the rising cost of education and help them form, grow, and develop their business at the same time.

Unlike most scholarships, the Cultivating Entrepreneurs Scholarship does exactly as it's named. It is intended to help all applicants to cultivate and enhance their businesses, not just the scholarship recipient. Applicants must submit a business plan as well as a business pitch in order to be eligible.

The Black Burdell, Inc. held workshops in order to help not only applicants, but entrepreneurs from all over Atlanta, build their business plan and perfect their pitches.

The Black Burdell, Inc. is proud to announce Michole Washington as the recipient of the inaugural 2016 scholarship.

Co-Founder - Henderson Johnson II, Scholarship Winner - Michole Washington, Co-Founder - Brandon Miller

Co-Founder - Henderson Johnson II, Scholarship Winner - Michole Washington, Co-Founder - Brandon Miller

Michole Washington recently founded Afrithmetic, a non-traditional tutoring service whose mission is to develop and enhance students’ confidence with all levels of mathematics through 1-on-1, and in-home interactive sessions that simultaneously promote positive personal development. Michole has big plans including a Masters of Mathematics, an innovative business, and a bright future ahead of her. 


The Black Burdell, Inc. is a 5013(c)(3) nonprofit based in Atlanta, which aims to nurture the many seeds of Black owned businesses through promoting, supporting, and cultivating Black student entrepreneurs and Black-owned businesses. It is a vehicle for young entrepreneurs to access to knowledge, resources, and networks in an effort to efficiently build strong black businesses in our communities with the engine being their Cultivating Entrepreneurs Scholarship.


Brandon Miller
President, The Black Burdell, Inc.


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