[Robinson GSU] Changing the Face of Entrepreneurship: ENI Co-Sponsors Burdell’s School of Entrepreneurship Conference

The Entrepreneurship and Innovation Institute (ENI) aims to support and advance student entrepreneurs with innovative ideas or ventures. The Insititute’s reach does not stop at Georgia State’s campus, it is an active participant in Atlanta’s bustling startup scene. ENI furthered this mission by co-sponsoring this year’s Burdell’s School of Entrepreneurship Conference (BSOE).

The Black Burdell is a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion, support and cultivation of entrepreneurs and small businesses in the black community. Burdell’s School of Entrepreneurship is a conference for entrepreneurs (and aspiring entrepreneurs) to jumpstart their business ventures. This year was the second year the conference has been held and was hosted at the Georgia State University Buckhead Center campus.


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