The Black Burdell’s Second Annual, Cultivating Entrepreneurs Scholarships are Bigger and Better – Rewarding Atlanta’s Rising Black Entrepreneurs

ATLANTA, GA - As of 2016, 54% of millennials plan to start their own businesses and in turn entrepreneurs create 75% of all new jobs in our economy every year. ‘Millennipreneurs’ are a new generation of moguls and The Black Burdell, Inc. is continuously doing their part to help support, promote, and cultivate them. Their second annual Cultivating Entrepreneurs Scholarships helps all applicants to cultivate and enhance their businesses. This innovative scholarship encourages high school and college students to submit their business plan and business pitches to their scholarship judges for eligibility.

The Black Burdell, Inc. held workshops, one-on-one consultations, and their annual Burdell’s School of Entrepreneurship Conference in order to help not only scholarship applicants but entrepreneurs from all over Atlanta to build their business plan and perfect their business pitches.

The Black Burdell, Inc. is proud to announce TJ Funso & Jon Johnson as the recipients of the 2017 scholarships.

TJ Funso, the recipient of the Cultivating Entrepreneurs Scholarship, is an upcoming graduate of the Georgia Institute of Technology, at Georgia Tech she started two main entrepreneurial ventures; T.Funso Photos a freelance photography agency based in Atlanta as well as Nexxchair a beauty delivery tech startup. Funso was conditionally accepted into the 2017 cohort of the CreateX start-up accelerator, recognized by Georgia Tech for exceptional leadership and entrepreneurship.

Jon Johnson, the recipient of the Tierra Hunter STEMpreneur Scholarship, is an upcoming graduate of Westlake High School in Atlanta Georgia. He is the founder of iEducate an educational service that serves to help the life of tutors and students on multiple levels as an employment program, mentorship consulting firm, and financial literacy course. Johnson’s platform’s overarching goal is to increase student achievement and redefining educational culture. Johnson plans to attend Stanford University in the fall.


The Black Burdell, Inc. is a 5013(c)(3) nonprofit based in Atlanta, which aims to nurture the many seeds of Black owned businesses through promoting, supporting, and cultivating Black student entrepreneurs and Black-owned businesses. It is a vehicle for young entrepreneurs to access to knowledge, resources, and networks in an effort to efficiently build strong black businesses in our communities with the main engines being their Cultivating Entrepreneurs Scholarship and Burdell’s School of Entrepreneurship Conference.


Brandon Miller
President, the Black Burdell, Inc.


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